Logo Guidelines


Please do NOT

  • Change the color of the logo
  • Use any filters on the logo
  • Stretch, rotate or distort the logo
  • Use the logo over a strong pattern
  • Use the logo with tinted or transparency
  • Reposition or rearrange the logo elements


Download eps or png

Download white version png (for dark backgrounds)

Primary logo used for documents, websites, powerpoint presentations, and horizontal promotional items. 



Download eps or png 

Download white version png (for dark backgrounds)

Secondary logo used for large print items, social media favicons, vertical promotional items, and signage.




Download eps or png

Download white version png (for dark backgrounds)

Logomark used for powerpoint presentations, promotional items
and anywhere best appropriate to represent the brand with a symbol without the
full company name.


Brand Colors





CMYK: C19%  M100%  Y100%  K11%
RGB: R183  G0  B30
Web: #B7001E





CMYK: C0%  M0%  Y0%  K0%
RGB: R255  G255  B255

Supplementary Colors

RGB: 234, 226, 183
CMYK: 8, 7, 32, 0
yellow-04RGB: 252, 191, 73
CMYK: 1, 27, 82, 0
RGB: 247, 127, 0
CMYK: 0, 62, 100, 0
RGB: 138, 171, 183
CMYK: 48, 23, 23, 0
RGB: 0, 73, 117
CMYK: 100, 75, 31, 14
RGB: 0, 48, 73
CMYK: 100, 76, 46, 44










Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.25.26 AM


CSA Description

100+ words

Client Solution Architects LLC (CSA) helps defense leaders realize that solutions are closer than they think. By personalizing the client experience, we change how leaders apply productivity and innovation to solve their biggest management and technology challenges. Our relentless quest for improvement drives us to innovate along the way, minimizing disruption and producing unprecedented results. We are redefining what it means to be big and bold; because sometimes the most daring move is to deliver simple innovations.

For more than 18 years, CSA has delivered mission and digital services to transform the public sector. With headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pa., our network of nearly 200 knowledge professionals are pioneering the way our clients utilize people, technology, information and knowledge. To learn more, visit csaassociates.com.

Under 40 words 

Client Solution Architects LLC (CSA) helps defense leaders realize that solutions are closer than they think. Through mission and strategy services and products, CSA changes how clients apply productivity and innovation to solve their management and technology challenges.